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I'm Andrea, the heart and soul behind this blog. From the glitz of Beverly Hills to the serene vibes of Pennsylvania, my journey has been a vibrant tapestry of art, entertainment, and of course, the undeniable charm of cats.

They've been my companions throughout my creative journey from LA to Pennsylvania. As I'm having fun crafting, the soft purr of a cat or the playful hop of a bunny often accompanies me. Their curiosity, playfulness, and sheer entertainment value parallel the essence of art itself. And as I ventured from one creative field to another, these furballs, with their sense of wonder, are my constant muse.

Hi I'm Andrea!

And I'm Paddington!.

Growing up with a veterinarian as a dad meant that our home was always filled with the soothing presence of animals. This backdrop instilled in me a profound love for these creatures and an appreciation for the textures they bring into our lives - be it the softness of fur or the depth of their personalities. Animals need saving, and through my arts and crafts, I've come to realize that art saves people in its own beautiful way.

My life's journey has seen me graduate from Radford University, dive deep into LA's entertainment world, and explore the realms of wardrobe styling. From working with Hollywood elites like Woody Harrelson and Reese Witherspoon to launching my own entrepreneurial venture, SmART Blondz, it's been a ride!

pssst...I'm Cabella!

Healing Through Art, Craft and Paws

Both animals and art have the power to heal, inspire, and comfort. And that's what this blog is about: the harmonious blend of creativity and the pure, unconditional love of animals.

Fun Facts

I had the opportunity to work with Woody Harrelson just as he was wrapping up "Cheers", and starring in "Indecent Proposal" with Demi Moore.

The film world once took me to an Oliver Stone set featuring a young Reese Witherspoon.

My stint in radio had me interviewing Hollywood's finest, from the charismatic Tom Cruise to the enigmatic Pee Wee Herman.

My entrepreneurial endeavor, SmART Blondz, attracted celebrity clientele like Paris Hilton and Tommy Lee.

I’ve appeared on HGTV twice! I demonstrated ideas for handmade greeting cards as a “creativity expert” and I gave viewers a tour of my Beverly Hills home that I decorated!

Around Christmas time I used to visit Paramount studios to sell gift bags to the producers, talent and staff of the "Dr Phill" show and Entertainment tonight. 

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