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To gather materials and have fun creating your own Peanuts Gang  pumpkins, here’s what you’ll need:  Paperback book images, scissors, mod podge, brushes and pumpkins. Painting the pumpkins is optional.  Your pumpkin patch will still look adorable if you mod podge everything onto all orange pumpkins!  These 3 cute paperbacks by Charles M. Schulz are […]

Crafting the Peanuts Gang: A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Own Pumpkin Patch Masterpieces

Did being trapped inside during the COVID pandemic inspire any craft project ideas for you? While I was trapped, I had an idea for a new kind of pumpkin patch!   Wouldn’t it be fun, I thought, if families could not only select their own pumpkins to carve but what if they could also visit […]

The Birth of the Crafted Pumpkin Patch