The Tale of the World’s First Yarn Brick Wall

What makes the yarn category on this blog so unique?

These photos show “the worlds first and only wall made of yarn bricks!!!!” 

After living in Los Angeles for 25 years, I wasn’t thrilled about winter when I moved back to Pennsylvania. I was hoping for a craft project idea that would keep me indoors and prevent me from being bored. Out of the blue one day, I envisioned wrapping rectangles with yarn to look like bricks.  It was after Christmas so I dragged out all of our cardboard  boxes from the garage and started to measure and cut rectangles!  A few boxes in and my hand pain forced me to quit.  It wasn’t realistic to use cardboard for the amount of cutting that I had to do. Off to Hobby Lobby we go for some foam board!!!!!  Aahhh…much easier!!!!  

I had no clue how much yarn I would need but was happy that I finally had an excuse to buy a wide variety of beautiful colors and textures!  

The easiest way to wrap the yarn was to cut slits in the foam, one slit on the left to get started with wrapping the yarn around the faux brick and one slit on the right end.  Yes, unfortunately the yarn on the backside is wasted but, as far as I could figure out, this was the only way to get the look that I had imagined.

This was a very tedious project that involved multiple binge watch shows!  

At times I thought I would never be finished but the curiosity of seeing the end result kept me going!  Also, I had googled and checked Pinterest to see if anyone had ever made such a wall before and the closest thing I found was an Anthropologie display that used some reddish shades of string to make a few cinder blocks.

After wrapping the yarn, you simply tuck the end through the strands and sometimes stick a piece of scotch tape over it.

To save time putting the wall up, I hot glued the bricks to large pieces of foam board and then used wall safe Alien tape to adhere the foam board to the wall!Everyone who comes to the house just stops and stares and wants to know all about the yarn wall!  I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people have copied the idea!  Also, the wall is irresistibly tactile so everyone wants to touch it and then they want to take a wall photo!  Oddly enough, my 2 cats have never touched it!I 

Am I the only one who thinks yarn bricks could be a great wall decor business?  

Wouldn’t you love to see stunning and fun yarn walls in restaurants, bars, coffee shops and hotels!  The bricks wouldn’t have to be the only shape!

The variety of color combination possibilities seems exciting and inspirational!

They may even be useful for absorbing sound and if that’s the case then add music studios, movie theater lobbies, libraries, airports…yay, less noise!

DIY kits for a much smaller surface area could be a fun crafty option for kids and adults!

If anyone is interested, I will happily make a tutorial video!  

If anyone entrepreneurial or any existing company wants a yarn brick business, go for it but… I would love to hear from you and would love to support your endeavor!

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The Tale of the World’s First Yarn Brick Wall

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